Sports player Lance Mountain & times; Nike SB & times; Air Jordan 1 custom shoes & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2014-12-26 11:41:15 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: kidulty] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network December 26 hearing, I believe we earlier legendary skater Lance Mountain x Nike SB x Air Jordan shoes do not note 1 impressed and overwhelmed by the well-known shoes custom division Smooth Tip Take That make a blueprint of shoes, he created a "AKIRA" color. AKIRA refers to the "Akira", the classic works of Japanese cartoonist and animation director Katsuhiro Otomo's. Duck in red and b Cheap air jordans for sale lue colors on retaining the original shoe, with a fine paint drawing showing, depicting Japanese Japanese-style comic dialogue and dynamic elements, but also the animated character portraits Shotaro Kaneda and Tetsuo island attached to the shoe side , the entire pair of shoes to AKIRA war tension most vividly evoke non-general artistic appeal. (Media Partner: POINT than love shoes & nbsp; Allen Di Sha shoes) Related newsNike Dunk High new color is now on sale 2013-12-09 00:09:31 The classic Nike Dunk High have a new color debut, uppers overall reddish-brown suede material selected and suede leather material stitching build, is unique in that a large area on bo Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping th sides and tongue of the shoe body 3M reflective material the effect in the light irradiation is outstanding. It is reported that this new color already on sale, and interested friends can go to the local store to find out. Air Jordan 1 Mid "Rivalry Pack" new tushang 2013-12-08 23:06:15 Both Air Jordan 1 Mid respectively Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Lakers for the color inspiration for the design to create a constitution "Rivalry Pack" two pairs of new products, like friends can look at them. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; FILA a "spray" it? 2013-12-08 23:03:21 Recently on the network exposure FILA brand new shoes spy, do n cheap foamposites ot question, you can see exactly what FILA launch of the "spray" in the case of high prices the market today, this pair from FILA's " spray "will not be the most appropriate substitute products? Like friends can look at, there is no additional information exposure, are FILA a "spray" it? We have a pair of "spray" is no longer a difficult task! Vans shoes now on sale in autumn and winter 2015-09-22 13:46:39 Vans also today officially launched the autumn and winter product, the brand selected to SK8-Hi and Old Skool modeled redesigned make it more suitable for autumn and winter wear, enhanced thermal insulation properties of the material, thicker lining, non-slip o cheap jordans for sale utsole, and a little outdoor atmosphere eyelets and laces, let it fall and winter we will become a good partner to fulfill. It is reported that the series is now officially landed brand shops for sale, and interested friends might concern you. & nbsp;[Chinese shoes Network - Domestic News emplaced in a large square near the facade stalls selling high imitation international "Nike" brand. High degree of simulation of the cottage not even professional brand protection investigators also difficult to identify. After identification of the company headquarters, this finds is fake. After an investigation, law enforcement officers seized counterfeit Nike sneakers 3,000 p cheap jordans online airs, worth more than 60 million. Yesterday, the suspect on suspicion of selling counterfeit Sumou trademark goods crime is Jianghan police criminal detention. The new Nike shoes sell even 50% off March 15, Nike China Limited Brand Protection Ombudsman, who is still the military when a routine inspection found a floor Jianghan Road, Wanda Plaza "Nike" store business is booming, glass curtain wall and storefront shop also posted 2.5 50% off advertisements. troops still in the store to spend 299 yuan to buy a pair of genuine 700 yuan more than the price of new shoes, but taking a closer look did not distinguish between true and false shoes. The only doubt is man cheap jordans for sale mens aged in accordance with the provisions of Nike, the clerk must uniforms, standardized language, can this store salesperson clothes lazy. Subsequently, this pair of sneakers is still Army headquarters sent to identify, find it really is fake, the company immediately reported. Police tracking delivery trucks twice to get rid of at 15:00 on May 3, plainclothes police followed the cottage Nike store manager Li Xiang, Chang came to the pier, a logistics company. Lebanon after hundreds of pairs of Nike shoes, put a white Jinbei van, delivered straight Jianghan Road, Wanda Plaza store delivery, and subsequently open to two nearby Wuchang and Chicony Plaza Optics Valley Retro jordans for sale Square "Nike" store delivery. After 17:00, Li Xiang and drive to follow a black man near the East Lake Scenic Gong Jialing, vehicle Zuoguai bend, it was missing. May 15, when the police on the B019 Lingjiaohu square room "Nike" store conducting an investigation, the black man appeared. Night around 9:00, water chestnut Lake Wanda "Nike" store closing closed, the black man the same woman got into a private car. Then the car along the Second Ring on seven Yangtze River Bridge, near the line to Wuhan, the police once again with the lost. heavily armed special police take away the fake warehouse More than a month later, from the Jianghan Road, Wanda Plaza, water Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping chestnut Lake Wanda Plaza, Chicony Plaza (nearby), and then to nearby Plaza Optics Valley, four fake "Nike" store and warehouse are surfaced. So far, the police decided to close the net. at 15:30 on June 2, in a take away after four fake stores, more than 10 heavily armed special police, riot police drove Economic Investigation police, speeding entered the East Lake Scenic Area ?????? Bao Bay 38 in front, at a warehouse he found a house full of fake "Nike" shoes. The same day, the police take away four fake "Nike" store, various styles have seized fake "Nike" shoes, more than 3,000 pairs, worth more than 60 million. SuMou et al fake Nike shoes purchased from Fuj Retro jordans for sale ian county, then rent a shop for sale in the vicinity of Wuhan, some large square or plaza. The purchase price per pair of shoes is tens of dollars or hundreds of dollars, but the selling price is generally not less than 250 yuan. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT)What is the most popular shoes, maybe you can get a glimpse of clues from the resale market. Adidas has occupied nearly half of shoes sold in market! recently, the famous site StockX CEO Josh Luber sold Randy Konik and Wall Street analysts pointed out that the current Jordan Brand is facing the crisis, and how to improve the cheap jordan shoes for men current situation of share! since the beginning of January 2015, changing the resale market shoes. After Air Jordan accounted for almost 96% of the market share in Adidas, but only less than 1%. But now after 2 years, the latest data show that Adidas has quickly occupy 45% of the resale market, almost on an equal footing with Jordan Brand, and this trend will Adidas toward favorable direction. StockX CEO believes that there are two fatal reasons: game player can choose the style more, AJ has not only highlight the personalityIn recent years, Adidas will not only shoes "shake Qian Shu" kan Ye incurred under, launched Yeezy Boost series to snatch the high-end shoes market, NMD, Boost, Ultra and the EQT Boost and Hu NMD series of Philippines Dong, are comfortable and fashionable to carve up the Air Jordan has a single large market. At the same time as the can be a perfect display of shoes pants legs, roll up prevailed, replaced by the slightly bulky AJ has gradually been delicate light adidas shoes, become a new choice for people daily street. 2.Air Jordan on sale quantity goods frequentlyOne of the important factors of volume also increased Air Jordan popularity decline. In addition to the annual will have several heavy color or joint single product, the oversupply of new color too much nonsense, is so keen to collect Air Jordan game player love does not feel tired. solution? Josh Luber said, maybe go back to the old hunger marketing, reduce the number of sale, the only solution is to ensure that Jordan Brand continued hot. But the Jordan Brand is undoubtedly a double-edged sword. Reduce the number of sale hand Jordan will affect the performance of Brand, and the original will lose market share in exchange for lost popularity, in any case, this is really a difficult problem in front of Brand Jordan. may, the game player for some of the classic color engraved, I believe we are still willing to pay, right! The content of 〉 Nick Cannon as Air Jordan Jordan Brand shoes fan, for which he presided over the "Wild" N Out "program to create a special significance Air Jordan 7 PE shoes. This pair of Air Jordan 7 "Wild n" Out "PE of the shoe body by black, gray and white suede material mix build, shoe body details with yellow and red embellishment, Jumpman and Logo followed by the upper classic 23 golden rendering, creating luxurious vu. Outsole uses light blue crystal materials, and the "Wild" N Out "in the above india. has not announced the shoe's release information, but Nick himself said, will launch Air Jordan 11 "Wild" N Out ", believe that in the near future will reveal the real picture! Air Jordan 7 "Wild" n Out PE " number: 759964