The original scan two-dimensional code to WeChat public number: get download movementWe review the most talked about in 2016 50 and 2017 classic shoes yesterday, each big brand will show us what wonderful? This time we once again bring you can not miss this year's 10 pairs of new, interested friends please do not miss oh! 1230_10-most-anticipated-shoes-of-2017.jpg (36.43 KB, download numbe Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping r: 87) download 2017 is the most anticipated 10 pair of shoes 2017-1-2 10:14 upload most-anticipated-shoes-of-2017-3.jpg (146.51 KB, download number: 84) download 2017 is the most anticipated 10 pair of shoes 2017-1-2 10:15 upload most-anticipated-shoes-of-2017-2.jpg (92.15 KB, download number: 79) download 2017 is the most anticipated 10 pair of shoes 2017-1-2 10:15 upload cheap jordans for sale most-anticipated-shoes-of-2017-6.jpg (100.23 K0Japan is a big country for footwear consumption, with an average per capita consumption of 3.5 pairs. Japanese shoe-making enterprises are not many, the scale is also small, and their consumer market footwear products mainly rely on imports. Japan is the third largest export market of footwear in china. According to Japan Customs statistics, Cheap air jordans for sale in 2010, Japan imported 670 million pairs of finished shoes, 4 billion 100 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 3% and 5.8%, respectively, over 2009. Among them, imports from China 520 million pairs, 3 billion 30 million U. s.dollars, accounting for 91.5% of Japan's total imports of finished shoes in 2009 and 69.3%, an increase of 3.7% and 7%, respectively.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [C cheap jordans for sale mens hinese shoes Network - Scroll News] purchase price of 20 yuan per piece Adidas sportswear, to the market to sell $ 300 each priced at law enforcement officers investigating storage suspected counterfeit When the Treasury, the female boss with dogs as cover to escape. 2 days, the Director of the City of Industry, Yang Jun trademark introduced in July this year, the survey found, on the 5th cheap jordan shoes for men floor Nianzigou Long Market No. 5009, No. 5029 stalls dedicated to selling Adidas sportswear, suspected counterfeit. Subsequently, the law enforcement officers to track incoming people, learned four warehouse is located, together with the joint public security departments investigated the case, found the owner first asked about the situation, I hope the other active account. However, the cheap jordans online parties Sohn and his wife Wang night market surrounding the warehouse door replacement, when Sohn ready to flee, it is civilian control. 1 am, law enforcement officers to do ideological work after Wang, Wang with law enforcement officers came to his residence in the warehouse, Wang on the second floor from the building of. Not tied to a rope of big dogs lunged and shouted out, law enforc Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ement officers can not be approached, Wang took the opportunity to escape from the second floor roof. Yang Jun said that this has dealt with from four warehouses and points of sale allegedly fake "Adidas" trademark sportswear 17425. According to Sohn confessed suspected counterfeit clothing purchased from Guangzhou, the average price of 20 yuan each, the actual purchase value of 348,500 yua Retro jordans for sale n, the genuine market value of about 400 million. So the case of suspected counterfeit "Adidas" trademark huge amount has been arrested for a crime, the business sector, the case has been transferred to public security organs held criminally responsible. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partner: Apparel IT & nbsp;) in this year's g cheap foamposites rand air max day, invited HTM series: Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker, three design master sits, bringing the exclusive nikeid air max HTM don't color injection and their joint shoes, air max boom with an unprecedented peak. Among the most concerned about the fans in Hong Kong and Taiwan than by Hiroshi Fujiwara designed nike air max LD zero h to Nike Boston retro design w Retro jordans for sale ith all air cushion of the air max 2014, at first sold the same day rushed to the end of the sale. On the day before the air max day, Fujiwara Hirowa Mark Parker personally to Hong Kong, to visit the central fringe air max con venue in, more especially in a short span of time, evacuated met with the media and and design student exchange, down following the trend of quotations for all Sneakerheads. about Max Day:Air"Max Day Air every year, we can see the technology and design of the future, which is what I have been looking forward to. about Max LD Zero H:Air "I in the archive of the Nike, find this pair of very simple running shoe style, was not clear this is Nike Boston, then the LD1000 will inject wearing comfort of science and technology, the air cushion can see his name is absolutely very surprised and honored. "About HTM: "in HTM in the process of cooperation, I don't know tinker and mark actual in what to do, but when I see the kind, careful observation every detail and color even in science and technology, you can understand that they actually want to show how the. "About sneaker "simple and beautiful, especially like the old classic shoes, navy blue design, I feel very comfortable and natural, but in the next pair of shoes will use their favorite white. "design: "design like puzzle, different materials together, this is one of the fun I found in the. " after a short visit, Hiroshi Fujiwara immediately moved to Art Basel art fair, then return to Japan processing store the park and ing GINZA and Careering joint planning priority,source: HYPEBEAST